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BF Y710A Black Nylon

BF Y710A Black Nylon

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Thanks to its specially formulated heat-sensitive adhesive, BF NYLON is ideal to be applied on nylon and similar fabrics (jackets, K-Way, duffel bags, umbrellas, shoes, backpacks, travel bags, lanyards, etc.).
Thanks to its improved adhesion, this product guarantees that your application will last over time.

This product is easy to work with; the sticky polyester carrier allows for fast weeding and easy repositioning of details that might have accidentally been removed.

BF NYLON can be layered with itself or other B-FLEX films.


Temperature: 145°C - 295° F

Time: 12’’

Pressure: medium – 3,5 bar – 50 PSI


Warm; wait 5-7 seconds after application