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Sublimation Tote Bag
Sublimation Tote Bag

Sublimation Tote Bag

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Supplies needed:
- sublimatable substrate (bag)
- sublimation transfer
- teflon or scratch paper
- repositionable spray or heat tape

Heat press settings:
- temperature - 390 degrees F
- dwell time - 1:00 to 1:15 minutes
- pressure - medium to heavy (firm)

Note: The recommended settings above may need adjustments for best results.
Settings will vary depending on the heat press brand and model ink and paper
and atmospheric conditions.

2nd Note: To adhere the transfer to the substrate use repositionable spray
on the transfer instead or in addition to heat tape.

3rd Note: Placing a piece of scratch paper or teflon sheet inside the bag
prevents bleed through (ink migrating to the other side of the product).

Layer the press from the bottom pad to the top heat platen as follows:
1. teflon sheet or scratch paper
2. substrate with scratch paper or teflon inside
3. transfer
4. teflon sheet or scratch paper

1. Place a piece of paper or teflon roughly the same size as the bag inside
the bag to prevent bleed through.
2. Spray the transfer with repositionable spray (additional heat tape can be
used as well).
3. Position the substrate onto the transfer.
4. Place the transfer and substrate in the press (transfer on top of
5. Place the teflon sheet or scratch paper over the substrate and transfer.
6. Press the items using the settings listed above.
7. Remove the transfer from the substrate and items from the press
immediately. Use heat resistant gloves if necessary - the items will be very

- If the image of the final product appears light increase the pressure or
the dwell time slightly (10-20 seconds).
- If the image on the final product appears blurred or substrate appears
yellowed reduce the dwell time slightly (10-20 seconds).
- When sublimating a double-sided substrate sublimate one side allow to
cool and then sublimate the other side. Use a fresh teflon or scratch paper
under the substrate to eliminate any degassing of the first image onto the
press or teflon.